The Pilot Partnership

The Pilot Partnership

(East EAZ)

Our work reaches out into every corner of school life and includes pupil support, adult training, community development and embracing those who have become disengaged from learning.

We support a range of activities in local schools and work closely with partner organisations to make integrated support and development work for the local area.

Our priorities for 2014-15 are:

  1. Innovation in Teaching and Learning including Maths, English and ICT
  2. Health and Well-Being
  3. Parent Support, Advice and Development
  4. Strategic Support in Schools

The EAZ Partnership has a history of 14 successful years that have contributed toward a much improved standard of attainment across the network.  Schools in the partnership have a strong sense of belonging and work together on many projects including piloting some national initiatives.

We are one of only 2 remaining in Birmingham and are owned by our members who directly influence the direction of work. This means we can be very responsive to needs and this in turn makes us very cost effective and focused.

We have a number of partners, including The Pump, Birmingham Airport and the Co-operative Society who work with us to provide an external steer on our work.

As well as our regular day to day services supporting schools and families, here is a sample of some of our current new projects:

  • Working with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to provide and research impacts if residentials for children.  This work is innovative as we choose challenging themes for the residential and curriculum work e.g. Respect and Cultural Diversity and offer the provision from the age of 6.  We choose very low-cost models and research the positive benefits of this on pupil well-being and their learning.
  • Working with the network of schools on a project around the texts of Charles Dickens – we do this in a fun way and involve a professional theatre company
  • Summer Programme of Pupil Activities including an Arts Festival at a theatre

For further information, please contact Louise at or call 0121 675 8697 or visit our website

For our latest provision, see the Portfolio on the front page!