The Youth Service

The Youth Worker at The Pump is

Zahida Bi

What does the Youth Service do at The Pump?
·        Open access youth clubs, usually in the evenings, and also at weekends and during school holidays.
·        Music and/or video projects, supported by youth workers who have particular skills in music, film and recording.
·        Sexual Health Programmes, aimed at reducing teenage pregnancy and STD’s 
·        Healthy lifestyles work, including cooking, healthy eating and exercise. 
·        Dance projects. We have a dance studio in the centre and have locally developed dance groups, run by young people themselves.
·        Work with young people who have disabilities and learning difficulties. This takes place in both specialist provision, but also includes young people with disabilities being involved and integrated within open access provision. 
·        Pump Outreach Project work with young people in the community, and where they meet. Many young people don’t wish to attend youth clubs, or there are not clubs in their area, so teams of detached youth workers meet young people on the streets, in parks, in shopping centres, and work with them to develop activities, and support.
·        Cultural identity, Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) and anti racist work is undertaken with young people in a wide variety of ways. 
·        School based youth work. The service has a number of youth workers based in schools, who work alongside the school on issues such as attendance and behaviour.
·        Residential work has always been a major element of the youth work curriculum. Young people spend time away from their community and usual routines, and spend time away in tents, at residential centres, or on board tall ships.
·        Projects aimed at reducing or preventing young people’s involvement in violence, or gang related activity.
·        Projects aimed at tackling bullying.
·        Motor vehicle and Scooter building. In the East of the city there is the opportunity to develop new skills and link to education and training through building motor vehicles and scooters.
·        Intergenerational work, designed to reduce tensions and fear between different generations living together in the same neighbourhood, tower block, or estate.